Turkish Police: beyond the arm of the law


Today Erdogan praised Turkey’s “heroic” police and defended them against accusations that they acted aggressively towards protesters. “Our police passed a tough test of democracy successfully. They stood against attacks and provocations that would not be tolerated in some other countries; in a way they wrote an epic story”, was how he rather poetically put it.

This came on the same day that the policeman who shot an unarmed Ethem Sarisuluk in the head from five meters away and killed him was released from custody because he was deemed to have acted in self defence.

Here is the link to footage of the shooting, so you can judge for yourself. This video slows down the footage to show the policeman firing three shots directly into the protesters in front of him. The third shot hits Sarisuluk in the head and he dies. The policeman turns and runs.


A crowd marched on the Asian side of Istanbul this evening to protest the release of this policeman.

In yet other police related news, CCTV footage has been released of three protesters being beaten viciously by police in Antalya. The protesters come into a garage and hide in a corner. Police follow them in shortly afterwards and set to work.

Here’s a link to the footage on the website of Turkish paper Radikal:

Again, a reminder that today was the day that Erdogan chose to describe the Turkish police as “heroic”.

The photograph above shows a policeman directly spraying pepper spray into the face of a man holding a sign saying “Chemical Tayyip”.