On Friday, 19 year old Medeni Yildrim was killed by police in Lice, south east Turkey, when police opened fire on people protesting the disproportionate number of gendarmerie and police stations in villages which have no water, schools or hospitals. In solidarity with this killing, thousands marched in Istanbul and Ankara yesterday, and ten protesters were detained in Istanbul.

Takvim, the newspaper that published a fake, “confessional” interview with CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour, has lodged a formal complaint at an Istanbul prosecutor’s office against CNN. The newspaper charged CNN and Amanpour personally with “inciting the public to hatred and enmity by making false news.”
That is correct: the tabloid is charging CNN, rather than the other way round.

In Ankara, Egemen Bağış, the EU minister, has shown European ambassadors a video of stone-throwing protesters in response to criticism of the heavy-handed behaviour of Turkish police forces. Afterwards he declared that he had shown them evidence of protesters drinking in a mosque – this so-called evidence turned out to be a still shot of a squashed can (which apparently looked more like a coke can than a beer can) somewhere in the vicinity of the mosque. The muezzin of the mosque in question has repeatedly confirmed that no one drank in the mosque on the night he admitted injured protesters to shelter from police. He was interrogated for six hours but has not deviated from his story. His testimony is conveniently ignored by Erdogan who is fond of referring to “shameless” protesters drinking in mosque when he addresses crowds of adoring AKP supporters.