Unlikely Hero of the Corruption Scandal


A rare piece of welcome news amid the torrid filth of corruption claims: a new tape has been leaked allegedly recording the conversation between Iranian-Azeri businessman Reza Zarrab (already heavily implicated in the corruption scandal for offering vast bribes to senior Turkish ministers for dodgy gold transfers) and his aide, Rüçan Bayar. During the conversation, Zarrab complains that his attempts to bribe a Turkish customs official with repeated offers of cash have fallen on deaf ears. This humble official – now identified as Teoman Çoşkun Dudak, deputy director of an Istanbul customs house – apparently refused the bribes, declaring himself a state official and giving the billionaire tycoon short shrift.

Dudak, who was effectively exiled to a new posting in the south-eastern city of Gaziantep after refusing the bribe, has emerged as a hero on social media (see photo above).

A sensible step for all or any of the opposition parties would be to claim this upstanding man as their poster boy and tout him as the antidote to governmental greed.

Incidentally, Reza Zarrab has also been (allegedly) caught on tape generously paying 352,000 lira for an AKP poll. His Azeri accent is inconveniently clear in the version I listened to.