Jun 13

Protestor throws a tear gas canister back at police

Protestor throws back tear gas canister

This for me captures the spirit of the Turkish protestor. Engulfed in tear gas, this man has found the strength from somewhere to hurl the canister back from whence it came.

Police have calmed down in Istanbul but are still using tear gas, water canons and batons on protestors elsewhere in Turkey, including the capital, Ankara.

Photograph courtesy of Murad Sezer for Reuters.

Take a look at theatlantic.com for more photos.

Jun 13

Headscarved Ladies

Headscarf-wearing socialists

The protests have been unfairly reduced to a battle between secularism and Islam. This is far from the case – these headscarf-wearing ladies are protesting as part of the Ekmek and Özgürlük group (“Bread and Freedom” group), a socialist organisation. Always a mistake to judge on appearances.

Photograph courtesy of Patrick Adams, a fellow journalist based in Istanbul: http://jpatadams.tumblr.com


Jun 13

Gezi Park; Chanting Continues into the Night; Business as Usual

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All photographs © Serge Bainvel.