Turkish Awakening by Alev Scott

From the European buzz of modern-day Constantinople to the Arabic-speaking towns of the south-east, Turkish Awakening investigates a country moving swiftly towards a new position on the world stage.

turkish awakeningThis is the story of discovering a complex country from the outside-in, a candid account of overturned preconceptions and fresh understanding. Relating wide-ranging interviews and colourful personal experience, the author charts the evolving course of a country bursting with surprises – none more dramatic than the unexpected political protests of 2013, which have brought to light the emerging demands of a newly awakened Turkish people. Mass migration, urbanisation and a growing awareness of human rights have changed the social, economic and physical landscapes of a powerful country, and the 2013 protests were just one indication of the changes afoot in today’s Turkey.

Encompassing topics as varied as Aegean camel wrestling, transgender prostitution, politicised soap operas and riot tourism, this is a revelatory, at times humorous, at times moving, portrait of a country which is coming of age.

Turkish Awakening by Alev Scott is on sale now in print and ebook editions.


‘In Turkish Awakening Alev Scott sets out on a fascinating search both for her own Turkish roots, and to catch the mood of Turkey today. She is always on the lookout for surprising scenes and offbeat characters, as she journeys across a Muslim country poised between its stalled EU membership campaign and the storm brewing on its borders after the Arab Spring. Full of unexpected insights, Turkish Awakening is an engaging and readable portrait of what is actually going on right now in this very diverse secular democracy of 75 million people.’ – Michael Wood

Turkish Awakening is sharply observed and lively: a very good read.’ – Norman Stone

‘In a colourful survey of a complex, often paradoxical country on the cusp of social and cultural change, Scott is an open-minded, fresh-eyed reporter.’ – Iain Finlayson, The Times [read in full]